Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Right talent. Right timing. Right costs.
SuperStaff simplifies the HR puzzle by filling your missing pieces with offsite talent acquisition solutions based in the Philippines to allow for a cost effective recruitment solution.

recruitment process outsourcing

Your needs are constantly changing. That’s why SuperStaff has developed highly responsive and effective solutions for meeting your evolving personnel challenges. Our offsite recruiters are talent acquisition specialists who will help your HR department source, vet, interview, and hire the best candidates your industry has to offer.


SuperStaff has its own unique version of delivering Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) that allows its clients to expand their recruitment capabilities, while reducing overhead costs, as well as their overall cost per hire.

We achieve these goals by tapping the highly educated and rich talent pool of Manila, where English is spoken fluently, and the country’s biggest, most educated, and young professional population resides. The world’s largest brands have taken notice of Philippines’ sheer volume of recruitment professionals, and a considerable number of the most reputable banking, investment, and technology firms have relocated their talent acquisition teams to the Philippines in order to fortify their human resource departments, and also slash costs without jeopardizing the quality of the candidate experience.

Whether you need a sourcing specialist to scour LinkedIn profiles, and to post job ads and screen resumes, or a recruiter to interview candidates and coordinate with your internal hiring manager, or a full team of both, SuperStaff will build a custom staff of experienced talent acquisition specialists who can work any time zone, recruit in any country, and find the very best talent available.


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Sourcing Specialist

Sourcing specialists are the backbone of the overall candidate experience. Your Philippine based staff will constantly scour professional networking sites like LinkedIn to gather qualified profiles. Additionally, they will continually refresh your job board ads, and vet the resumes that are submitted to ensure that your recruitment staff are not bogged down by unqualified or unrelated candidates. By the time your recruitment department receives a profile from our sourcing specialists, you can count on it being of the highest quality.

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Dedicated Recruiters

Our recruiters are talent acquisition professionals who are experts at interacting with specialized candidates, as well as separating the qualified from the unqualified. They will walk your candidates through the hiring process. They’ll also provide timely updates to both the applicant and your company’s human resources department. From a candidate-facing standpoint, our dedicated recruiters will be the main point of contact for your applicants until they are turned over to your hiring manager.


SuperStaff offers a variety of outsourcing solutions that are designed to help you reduce cost and fortify your business operations on multiple business fronts.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing
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