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Our customer support solutions can be customized to fit the needs of your clientele. Whether your clients want to speak with you via email, phone, or chat, we can provide outsourced customer service on a 24/7 basis to ensure that they are always taken care of in a timely manner.



At SuperStaff, we believe outsourcing is about so much more than cost savings. It’s about doing more, and doing it better, across more channels. Our customer support programs are custom-tailored to fit the needs of your clientele whether they want to communicate via email, phone, social or chat. We’re also prepared to provide assistance to any country on a 24/7 basis to ensure customers are always cared for in a timely manner. Whether there are holes in your coverage you need to fill, or you want to completely revamp your customer engagement model, SuperStaff is the place to start.


Post-sale customer service highly influences customer loyalty. Even a negative product experience can be mitigated if your customer feels taken care of and paid attention to. Conversely, a positive product experience can still lead to client attrition if they are unable to connect with a representative in a timely manner and address their concerns. That’s why it’s vital you choose a partner that consistently exceeds customer expectations.



It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that most consumers dread garbled communications with unempowered, tightly scripted people. At SuperStaff, we understand there’s no shortcut to delivering the high level of service today’s market demands. It simply takes hard work, attention to detail, commitment to genuine partnership and great people.

That’s how SuperStaff delivers a team that’s remote, yet integrated with your onsite professionals and processes. We begin by hiring people who genuinely like people, so not only are their customer interactions satisfying, their collaboration with colleagues results in a cohesive working environment. We train them extensively and give them technology and assistance they need to succeed. Then we empower them to engage, empathize and resolve, creating happier customers more firmly bonded to your business.

Our solutions-oriented approach combines the best technology and customer support professionals available to provide a number of outsourcing solutions for your customer engagement needs. Whether offshore in our Philippine centers, or onshore in our Pennsylvania centers, or customer service outsourcing program is your bridge toward sustainable growth.


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Phone Support

When people want urgent attention, they pick up the phone. Because 37% of all customers prefer to speak with a customer support agent over the phone, it’s imperative you be well-represented. Not only will your SuperStaff agents be trained in all aspects of customer care—including de-escalation and empathy training—but they will also be thoroughly versed and constantly refreshed on your service and product lines to ensure that frustrated customers quickly realize they are in good hands. With state-of-the-art telephone systems, we minimize queue times, accommodate for special linguistic needs, and ensure the entire consumer experience is professionally handled by an outsourced customer service team of experienced and compassionate agents.

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Email Support

When you outsource customer service operations, it is important to guarantee the quality of the customer engagement across all major channels, not just over the phone. Since many consumers lack time or availability to make a call, they will often turn to the second most preferred option for making contact. How you respond to email is an important—and indelible—part of your brand, because the digital footprint of your quality and responsiveness remains in the customer’s inbox for as long as they decide to save it (or forward it, or share it on social media). SuperStaff can dedicate agents to handle email queues solo, or cross-train phone agents to work these tickets between calls, depending on overall volume. We’ll also work with you to develop FAQ responses and email scripts. The end result is a workflow that minimizes the number of emails to arrive at a solution, so customers enjoy the convenience they want from email without unnecessary waiting.

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Live Chat Support

The emerging middle ground between telephone and email, live chat is now the support option of choice about 15% of the time for those who desire prompt attention from your team. It offers the real-time feedback of a phone call, while still allowing them to stay mobile or work on other things simultaneously. Your outsourced customer service team will be able to handle multiple chat interactions at once because their areas of concern are properly queued, and will improve the overall customer experience by ensuring a “one call” resolution.

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Social Media Support

Your consumers expect assistance wherever they are, from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and WhatsApp. That comes with an inherent danger: poor issue handling can quickly spiral into complaints that can go viral. Even if that never happens, a large amount of poor to mediocre online comments, posts and reviews can cumulatively drag down your brand’s public image and reputation for customer service. SuperStaff has the people and processes to respond deftly, in real time, and steer conversations always toward positive resolutions. Whether it’s a Facebook messenger request, or comments on product pages, our outsourced customer service teams are prepared to engage all of your consumers and ensure they feel your team is accessible, and engaged in delivering resolutions, around the clock.

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Helpdesk & IT Support

SuperStaff IT & Help Desk teams are the manpower that fortify your technical support program. Our team members are educated, certified, and speak English fluently so that your customers’ can enjoy a seamless interaction. It is our focus on blending practical expertise with an emphasis on soft skill training that makes us the solution of choice for growing companies in need of a Help Desk 24/7 partner. We aim to beat your KPI goals, develop a “one Call resolution” culture, and to staff the most educated and qualified IT specialists the Philippines has to offer.
Our Help Desk & IT support program can be delivered:

  • In voice, email, chat, or social media
  • By a workforce of 100% college graduates
  • By a team that is fluent in English or other desired language


SuperStaff serves clients in the healthcare, logistics, technology, pharmaceutical, insurance, and eCommerce industries across North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.  In addition to offering multichannel support 24 hours per day, we also support our clients in a number of select foreign languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, and other high demand dialects.  Our multilingual services include:

  • Phone, email, chat, & social media support
  • 24/7 Support
  • Native speakers of the market appropriate language

SuperStaff offers a variety of outsourcing solutions that are designed to help you reduce cost and fortify your business operations on multiple business fronts.

Customer Service Outsourcing Support
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