Virtual Assistants

Do you need to outsource data entry to lighten your workload? How about a booking assistant to plan out logistics and accommodations for out of town business trips? Then what you need are virtual workers that have dedicated themselves to specializing the art of being a virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistant Outsourcing

As a business owner, the temptation to try and micromanage every aspect of your operations can be tempting.  However, actually executing this strategy may very well pull your attention away from your core competencies.  The solution to this conundrum that many business owners are turning to is to hire a virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistants, or VAs, are people employed to accomplish tasks through a remote working setup. Basically, with a competent VA on your payroll, multi-tasking becomes easier and achievable without overstretching business operations.

SuperStaff To Save the Day

Fortunately, SuperStaff is an outsourcing partner that enables you to secure qualified Virtual Assistants along with the many benefits that will supplement business operations:

  • It lets you focus on your core business functions with services made available through a 24/7 remote work setup.
  • It allows you greater financial flexibility because it is cost-efficient in labor, facilities, and equipment.
  • Better confidence in the quality of work of qualified VAs supplemented with SuperStaff’s best practice in managing and supervision of an agent’s productivity.

SuperStaff, Super Service

SuperStaff’s Virtual assistants’ services fall into two categories that better define the role of VAs.

General Administrative Services
As a general rule, services that fall into this category are basic tasks that VAs can do with minimal supervision from clients and SuperStaff.

  • Booking & Scheduling
    VAs should be able to map out a client’s itinerary, as well as book travel reservations that cover transportation and accommodations for better time management.
  • Correspondence Management
    VAs, with a client’s knowledge and consent, can filter, draft, and appropriately respond to letters and messages that need the client’s immediate attention.
  • Data Entry
    VAs can transcribe and prepare reports for clients’ perusal or when required for presentation purposes.
  • Telephone support
    If a client for any reason is unavailable to take a call, VAs can act as their mouthpiece to address any concern.
  • Special Services
    Some clients will be looking for Virtual Assistants that possess specific skills for tasks that are out of a client’s scope of expertise yet an essential aspect of a business’s operation. Services that fall into this category are usually accomplished, but not limited, through a remote working setup.

    • Audio & Video Editing
    • Bookkeeping and Accounting
    • Customer Support/Tech Support
    • Graphic Design
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media Management
    • Online Marketing
    • Research and Content Writing
    • Website & Software Development
    • Other Remote working oriented skills

    (NOTE: Albeit cost-efficient compared to onsite employees, rates for SuperStaff VAs with special skill set differs from general administrative services)

    Super Set-up

    A qualified virtual assistant is not the only perk you get by partnering with SuperStaff. Understanding that constant communication between client and VAs is the key to a successful workflow, SuperStaff, therefore, provides access to systems and tools that establish Standard Operating Procedures for the benefit of both the client and VA.

    Therefore, should you hire a virtual assistant from SuperStaff? The answer is: yes, of course, you should. SuperStaff assures clients that VAs provided for them are productive, dependable, and trustworthy to handle and finish tasks on point and on time.

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