Recruitment is a vital aspect of a company’s growth and success. Finding the right people to fulfill specific roles will lead to a more efficient system and a more vibrant company culture. When the best candidates are hired to fulfill positions, less training and more productivity will ensue.

The more traditional forms of recruitment include advertising for positions or contacting prospective hires through networking, followed by a review of resumes and a series of interviews. Though this process may attract more job seekers, it is also time-consuming.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) shortens the timeframe while still maximizing reach, allowing for a company’s human resources department to focus instead on more pressing internal matters. This is the reason why outsourcing recruitment processes has proved to be a better option for businesses that seek to expand.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Benefits

  • Cost-effectiveness

Recruitment process outsourcing proves to be cost-effective in a myriad of ways. Here are some examples as to how RPO provides both short-term and long-term benefits:

  • RPO will greatly reduce cost as no additional budget is needed to establish systems for recruitment and hiring. 
  • There is immediate access to a wider range of talent pool, which means that the possibility of hiring top-notch employees rises. This will lead to less training and more productivity. 
  • Lastly, partnering with recruitment outsourcing companies will grant access to already established processes and networks, which significantly reduces the time frame. As they say, time is money.
  • Scalability

HR outsourcing should be flexible, as a company’s recruitment criteria adjust according to specific goals.

  • If the business is expanding, then its hiring should be in proportion with the rate of its expansion.
  • A hiring freeze should be implemented when a company is downsizing or is experiencing a crisis.

A good RPO provider should already have existing structures in place in order to adjust to any company’s demands, and can implement these adjustments as needed.

  • Network

Access to a rich talent pool is the key to providing the best recruits. Strong candidates who are highly skilled and adaptive will always bring growth to any enterprise.

Furthermore, an excellent RPO provider would have access to a talent pool from various parts of the globe. Not only will there be a range of talent and skills, but having a diverse background also means varying standards of living. This is essential when hiring, especially for jobs that can be done remotely, as employees living in countries with lower standards of living will also ask for a lower pay range.

Comprehensive Guide to Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Finding the Right RPO Partner

A variety of factors should be taken into consideration when searching for the right RPO provider. One of the questions that should be asked is, “What tools does this company have in order to provide the right RPO solutions?” The US RPO Association urges businesses to be in the know regarding the latest recruitment process outsourcing trends in technology, as these are constantly changing.

Here are the top four tools a good RPO provider must have:

  • Candidate identification and management tools

Candidate Identification and Management is a system of tracking applicants and automating their identification. This technology allows for faster applicant review, resume screening, and cross-checking. Currently, developers are looking into artificial intelligence to make candidate identification more efficient.

  • Targeted outreach software

Personalized targeted outreach is essential in order to reach out to passive yet topnotch candidates. A good RPO will have software to not only seek out these potential hires but also send them personalized emails to let them know of job openings.

  • Data Management Systems

Data management is essential to any business department, and the right RPO provider will have management and analytic software to be able to sort out trends in data and make sense of them. Information then becomes processed faster, and companies are provided with better solutions.

  • Administrative Tools

Administrative automation maximizes efficiency in the recruitment process. These technologies take the more mundane tasks off the hands of recruiters, and instead allows them to focus on the candidates. Ask your potential RPO partner if they have tools and systems in place that allow them to handle administrative tasks more efficiently.

Aside from having the right tools, a good RPO company must also have enough experience to be able to provide top talent at a lower cost. 

Here are the three things to ask when looking for an RPO partner:

What is the company’s experience, and what other services are offered?

Companies who immerse themselves in various industries tend to become more resilient at finding solutions and transforming challenges into opportunities. A vast portfolio means that the company is equipped to handle a multitude of tasks, but also means that they have acquired various perspectives from which to look at problems.

How does the company plan to reduce costs?

Two things should always be taken into consideration: output and cost. Though many RPO providers promise to provide efficient and topnotch output, cost should always be taken into consideration. Offshore outsourcing provides a great solution as companies from other countries can provide the same standard and quality, for a fraction of the rates.

How efficient are the company’s data analytics and reporting?

When it comes to recruitment, an RPO provider may go through tons of data: from applications received, to trends in applications, to information about the top candidates. The best RPO company would be able to provide an analysis of all the information gathered and communicate this efficiently and clearly.

The Right RPO Provider for Your Needs

With over ten years of experience, SuperStaff offers the best ways to transform any company’s challenges into opportunities. We believe that outsourcing is more than just about reducing overhead costs; it’s about collaboration, reinvention, and ultimately, providing solutions.

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Let us help you fully assemble your HR puzzle by providing you with the pieces necessary for success. Our offshore talent acquisition solutions based in the Philippines will provide you with the topnotch tools, programs, and talent, for a fraction of the cost.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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