These days, candidates have the ability to be much more selective in which types of companies they’d want to work for through research. Roughly 75% of candidates read about and look up a company’s reputation and employer brand before applying. Additionally, 69% wouldn’t take a job with an organization that has a bad reputation.  

As the job market grows more competitive, it’s beneficial to incorporate recruitment marketing into your strategy. Recruitment marketing refers to the process of building and conveying your company’s employer brand and employee value proposition to attract, engage, and acquire top talent. Moreover, it helps establish a talent pipeline. 

Considering all of the recent changes in the recruitment industry, 2020 is definitely the year to refine your recruitment processes through advanced marketing techniques so that your company stands out. Let’s have a look at some effective recruitment marketing tactics below. 

Increase the visibility of your website

In this always-on world, there’s no excuse not to have a killer website that’s well-optimized for job-seekers who are using the internet to search for opportunities. You need to maximize the potential of your website to build visibility for job postings. For instance, here are some changes you can implement to improve your site’s visibility.

  • Write unique title tags and meta descriptions
  • Identify and fix page errors
  • Optimize images
  • Make your blog posts easily shareable through social share icons  
  • Improve page load speed

This is how you can attract relevant traffic, generate interest, and convert them into job applicants. If you need to work with an agency, do so. 

Improve your job ad and content

Are your job ads clear and enticing? Is your career page optimized? Before hitting the post button, make sure that your job post or ad is clear and catchy. Keep in mind that this works hand-in-hand with an optimized website. Below are a few best practices when writing job ads:

  • Clear and concise job titles
  • Keep job descriptions between 300–800 words
  • Mention three benefits in the description

Competitive benefits (48%), a convenient commute (47%), and a high salary (46%) are the top three things candidates identified when asked what motivates them to respond to a job ad. 

Enhance candidate experience 

The experience you provide to a job seeker right from the start of the recruitment process speaks volumes about you as an employer. Statistics show that 69% of applicants with a negative experience won’t apply again, and the same percentage said they would share their poor experience with friends in their network. 

Negative candidate experience can result in bad publicity and financial losses. Below are some things you can do to improve your prospective hires’ recruitment experience.  

  • Be clear and transparent about your recruitment process
  • Write a clear and accurate description of the job and responsibilities
  • Keep your application process simple
  • Respect the applicants’ time
  • Provide and ask for feedback

Nurture your talent pipeline

Did a job seeker join your talent community online? Great news! This means they’re interested in joining your company. Now is the time to engage them and have your recruiters review their experience to see if they qualify to work at your organization. 

Relationship-building is vital in encouraging prospective employees to apply for the right role at your company. You can do this by sending out monthly newsletters, giving a sneak peek inside your company, sharing employee stories, and other company news. Doing this can also set a positive candidate experience.

Establish stronger relationships through social recruiting

Since we’re living in a digital age, one of the best ways to target and connect with job seekers is through social media. By 2021, the number of worldwide active social media users is expected to reach over 3 billion

Your social recruitment strategy shouldn’t revolve around simply sharing your job post on your social networks. You must continuously promote your brand, build relationships, publish engaging content, and even show a glimpse of your company culture through these channels.

Have an employee referral program

Employee referral programs are often underutilized in organizations, but it’s one of the most effective hiring strategies. Introducing an enticing referral program to your company can bring several benefits, such as lower turnover rates and an overall improvement to the hiring process. 

Offer referral bonuses to your employees to encourage them to help the company get qualified candidates. Chances are, your employees will prioritize the candidates they think would fit in at your company.

Conduct killer recruitment events

Hosting a recruitment event is a fantastic opportunity to grow your talent pool and establish stronger relationships with your potential candidates. Here, you’ll see soft skills and other things that are not on their resumés.

Before you post an event on your social media accounts, determine first what kind of atmosphere you’d want to set up. If the goal is to build relationships and showcase your culture in a laid back way, you can host an open office event where guests can talk to your team members. 

For large companies, conducting a hiring day is ideal. It gives applicants a chance to walk in, be interviewed, and be hired on the spot. Whichever you decide, make sure to evaluate the results to see how it contributes to your hiring process (i.e. Did it boost brand awareness? Did you get lots of applications?).

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Summing it up

Unlike before, when recruiters had the upper hand in picking talent, they have to work extra hard today to attract job seekers. Think of it this way: attracting top talent and retaining employees is a lot like attracting and retaining customers. 

The digital times we live in call for a modern approach to hiring. Adapting recruitment marketing and focusing your strategies on recruitment-centric messaging that define your company’s image will appeal to your target applicants. 

SuperStaff’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service not only focuses on candidates who have applied but also thinks of ways to tap qualified job seekers who may be interested in your company’s future career opportunities. 

Contact us today and learn how SuperStaff’s RPO service can help your organization.

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